Save Bitch

Spinstah and the Smart Bitches at SBTB pointed out that Bitch Magazine is going to fold if they don’t raise $40,000 by next month.  As an independent publisher, they rely on donations and subscriptions to keep going.  I’ve been a Bitch reader for a long time now, though I usually steal my issues from the Ob-Gyn office.  However, I fully intend on getting a subscription now that I know they are facing a possible end.  I many not always agree with everything in the magazine, but more often then not I find information that I never would have found anywhere else.  I respect what they do and their integrity and humor.

So – please help save Bitch.  Donations and subscriptions can be had here:


One response to “Save Bitch

  1. I could swear that I’ve seen the woman on the right before in some tv or movie venue.

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