My link to sanity

Starting next week, I’m shelf-reading 6,000 titles from the Google Project this past summer.  I’ll be in a windowless and cold basement for 4-6 hours a week, checking to see if the books made it back to their correct location.  (Talk about drawing the short straw, eh?)

My only link to sanity during this time — my iPod.  I need your help to locate good, free podcasts so I don’t go insane and start taking hostages.

Currently I subscribe to some from NPR:

Fresh Air
All Songs Considered

NPR: Books Podcast

Car Talk
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (I ❤ Carl Kasell)
Only A Game (which is weird b/c both my uncle and grandfather are also Bill Littlefield)
This American Life (also known as This Depressing Life)

Any others you can suggest?  What are your favorites?  They don’t have to be NPR ones either– I’d like to branch out.


5 responses to “Podcasts

  1. iTunes has great university lectures offered all for free. There are some great ones there check it out!

  2. Cast On – A knitting podcast. Brenda Dayne is pretty good, but I am known to fastforward through some sections.

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  4. I asked this question recently and got some great suggestions, and I also ran across a few on my own. My list is pretty similar to yours but here are a few more.

    From NPR:
    Planet Money (the economy in terms I can understand)

    From American Public Media:
    American RadioWorks (really interesting documentaries – check out the recent one called Pueblo, USA)

    Buzz Out Loud (CNET’s podcast of indeterminate length)

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