Trikonasana review

OK, so having spent two weeks thinking about this pose and thinking about it while I’m in it, it remains one of my favorite poses.  It used to be a favorite because with my weirdly loose hips, I felt like a yoga ninja being able to go so deep into the post.  Now, however, I realize that pushing my self so hard into the pose is NOT a good idea and I’m focusing much more on lifting the torso and rotating my chest up.  This creates a great stretch in the top of the hip and along the side.  Love love it and I always miss it when it’s not part of a class.  Guess that’s another good reason for developing and committing to a home practice :).

So — what about you?  Anyone else play along?


One response to “Trikonasana review

  1. Has it been two weeks already? Huh. Can’t say that I have done any yoga. I had plans to go through the DVD today, but that didn’t happen (I spent most of the day cooking). I am traveling so much this month that it’s hard to feel like I want to keep moving when I get back to my apartment.

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