Preparing for Take Off

On Thursday, at 9:45am, I will (hopefully) take off for a five day trip to Seattle, WA to see one of my best friends.  Since the flight was booked using a voucher from giving up my seat on an earlier flight back in April, the route is a little, well, circuitous.  It also happens to be on US Airways, which is not known for being very customer friendly.  But hey — it was a free flight!!

Due to the loop-de-loops my various flights will be performing across the country, I am not checking a bag.  If I do, I know I will never see it again.  Ever.  This, as you can imagine, it proving challenging in the packing department.  Does my make-up count towards the 3 oz limit if it’s powder?  What about mascara?  Stick deodorant?  What about knitting needles?  And the two granola bars I bought?

The TSA’s website is fairly helpful, though I understand it is always up to the security officers on duty to allow or deny anything.  At least this time around, I’ve switched to a Massachusetts state driver’s license, since my previous (and only) driver’s license from Maine was not recognized by TSA.  Maine is the only state one of a handful of states that is are non-compliant with Homeland Security’s guidelines.  (Check out the letter from Homeland Security to Maine’s Governor Baldacci.)  Anyways, at least I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Anyone have any helpful tips/tricks for packing when you’re not checking a bag.  How about from the knitters?

Addendum: Looks like TSA might be considering relaxing the liquids/gels rules.


4 responses to “Preparing for Take Off

  1. Good afternoon! Bob here from the TSA Blog. I came across your blogpost while I was reviewing my Google reader.

    First off, your knitting needles are OK.

    Makeup powder is OK and does not need to be in your baggie.

    Stick deodorant is OK and does not need to be in your baggie. On the other hand, gel deodorant needs to be no more than 3.4oz and be placed in your baggie.

    Granola bars are fine. No baggie…

    Mascara needs to be in a baggie if it’s liquid or cream.

    I hope this helped. Happy Travels!

    Blogger Bob
    TSA EoS Blog

  2. Wow — thanks Bob! I have to admit, I’m very impressed! What a great way to reach out and provide front-line customer service.

  3. wow I am impressed too. very cool.

    I was just going to suggest rolling your shirts instead of laying them flat but it is too late now. hope you have a good trip Abby.

  4. That’s exactly what I was going to say… Roll, roll, roll. I’ve packed for a week overseas with more than enough outfits for each day of the week. Granted, this does not work for all, as Mike’s freakish size 13 shoes take up half the bag with just one pair, but the ladies certainly have it easier.

    Now I know you have a blog to stalk!! I shall commence working backwards.

    And you and your silly big words… ‘circuitous’. Such the bookish librarian. 😉

    Tell me all about Seattle when you return!! We are planning to move to Portland/Seattle in about a year-and-a-half or so. Though I’ve never been and I know they both rock, I always like to keep the good words coming.

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