Seattle: Part I, First Impressions

So far, all the east-coast stereotypes of Seattle are proving true, which I’m finding utterly hilarious.  The coffee is superb, it’s rained non-stop since I landed (in the rain), the traffic is intense, the people are friendly, Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks are everywhere, and the politics are supremely liberal (I haven’t seen one McCain/Palin sticker yet).  In short, this is my kind of town.

I’m staying the area known as Tangletown in the Green Lake neighborhood, just a few miles outside of downtown Seattle.  The houses are all super cute and mostly built around the turn of the century.  Tess’s house is adorable, with beautiful and charming touches in the woodwork, big windows to catch any available sunlight, and handcrafted tiles set into the fireplace from the original mason who built the place in 1904.

Pictures will be delayed as I’m working with film, but I’ll get them up soon after I return.

Today’s tentative itinerary: lunch with Tess in Pioneer Square (near Sasquatch books), errands to get ready for the Halloween Party tonight, a nap (damn east-coast time!), then trick-or-treaters and a Spooktacular Party!

Blogging will resume, hopefully, on Monday, when I return to the incredible Seattle Public Library to take a tour and use their computers 🙂


One response to “Seattle: Part I, First Impressions

  1. Sounds most wonderful!! I’m soooo happy you are having a fabulous time and reconnecting with Tess!! I hope I get to visit with you for the next trip!

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