Sew What?!

It's old, but not THAT old!

It's old but not that old

New crafty-hobby here I come!  As of this Thanksgiving, I’ll be bringing home to Essex Street a beautiful old Singer sewing machine!  Originally my mother’s as a young girl, this machine is solid as a rock and weighs about as much.  After Thanksgiving it will be coming home with me and PUT TO WORK!  🙂  I can’t wait!

All the excitement leads me to a few questions for the great, wide world:

1) Are there any sewing blogs out there that you like?

2) What about print books/guides?

3) What should I make first?!?!?!


3 responses to “Sew What?!

  1. Talk to EKW. She will set you straight!

    I am jealous. I have been wanting a sewing machine for a while but didn’t want to take my grandmas, which is mounted in a cabinet. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough room for it here. Maybe next year! Not like I have time or money for fabric anyway. 🙂

  2. Yay! A sewing machine!!! I have four. Um, people just keep giving them to me. Anyway, my favorite is the older one (from the ’50s?) that is a lovely pale greenish blue. Love it!

    Did yours come with the original manual? Mine was mounted in a cabinet, and I was lucky to find the manual tucked away in one of the drawers. You’ll probably have to oil it if it hasn’t been used in a while.

    Also, I think you should make placemats and a table runner first. Or a tote bag!

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