Lifehacker annouced the Beta launch of Cookstr: recipie finder and home for cookbook/chef interviews.  As it is still in Beta there aren’t a whole lot of recipes up just yet, but the site looks really promising!!  So far it seems to be a site that shills for cookbooks: posting a few selected recipes to entice homecookers to buy the print book.  However, I can see this site dovetailing nicely with my other favorite recipe sites (Eating Well, Serious Eats, and a whole host of food blogs that feed into my reader.)

What I like best about Cookstr is the search.  Initially you can search by chef, ingredient or recipe name.  Once inside the search, you have all kinds of filtering options including cost, skill level, season, dietary consideration and a wole lot more.

With great searching options, more recipes, and the promise of pages on “Tips & Techniques” and “Menus” Cookstr is a site to keep your eye on.


2 responses to “Cookstr

  1. They need to develop into it a function where one could enter ingredients of what is on hand and then it will give you all the recipes you can make with what you have on hand. There is a site like that for bartending.

  2. I think I read somewhere that that search fuction is coming. In the meantime, Allrecipes provides that function.

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