A Dose of Random

Random picture of Brother and his roommates

Random picture of Brother and his roommates

There have been all kinds of interesting links coming in through the Google Reader lately, so I thought a weekly round-up of things interesting, odd, helpful, or humorous might be in order.

  • How to decorate big wallspaces without blowing your budget from JC Penny (random source, very cool site.)
  • From EKW, a great link from Craftster on first projects for new crafters.  [Note: My sewing machine is already booked through the month of December with projects for my Mom.  I’m think she’s more excited about me having the machine than I am because she knows I’ll use it and can make things for her.]
  • Finally!  A group that recognizes women like and appreciate dark beer!
  • Interweave Press announces the launch of Stitch magazine, a hip new magazine for those of us who are sewing-inclined.  (What are people called who sew?  Sewer (ew!)? Seamstress?  Stitcher? Crazy Person?)  Link from Craftzine.
  • And to wrap it up, from one of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, a great guest post on decluttering and living simply, which just so happens to be one of my favortie topics.
    [Note: I adore Zen Habits and I can’t believe I haven’t linked here yet.  Many apologies Leo!]

One response to “A Dose of Random

  1. a) Guinness is my go-to brew!

    2) I just saw Stitch on the stands yesterday! There’s a super-cute skirt on the cover. I’d get all into it, but I still have a stash of older clothes that I’m determined to re-purpose. Let’s also not forget all those knitting and crochet projects that have been on indefinite hiatus. *sigh*

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