Update on Malaysian Yoga Controversy

Yoga Journal Buzz had an update on the controversy over Muslims practicing yoga in Malaysia.  According to their report

“…the prime minister said last week that Muslims could still take up yoga, but minus the chanting.”

So it is the chanting that makes it religious and more of a religious practice than a physical practice?

Interestingly, I had a conversation with a roommate who expressed uncertainty about the chanting done in her yoga class.  Because the chants are not translated and the entire class is asked to chant in unison, she feels uncomfortable and doesn’t enjoy the practice as much.

What’s the solution here?  Avoid the classes that require a more spiritual participation if that’s not your thing?  Refuse to chant in the class?  Is it the chanting that makes yoga a religion and not the physical practice of asanas?

For yoga-practitioners out there, do you practice for a spiritual reason?  If so, how do you fit yoga into your religious beliefs?


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