How Long Can You Go Without Email?

I’ve been pondering this question ever since reading about it over at Zen Habits.

Where I’m heading for the winter recess has no internet.  I will be disconnected from all internet for twelve days, and I’m wondering if I can do it?  I think I can, but that could be sheer bravado.  I’ve done a few days here and there … but twelve?  Nearly two weeks, without even a hint of a connection?  This could be more challening than I expect.

What do you think?  Could you go without email?  If so, for how long until you started twitching and obsessing?

So, on January 5th, I’ll be back online.  Until then, wish me luck!



2 responses to “How Long Can You Go Without Email?

  1. I know you can do it!! I will help keep your mind from the electronic hankering for the second half, after all, I will be e-mail less as well!

  2. Abby,

    It appears you have passed your 12 days away from the Internet and lived to tell about it. How did it go?


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