Back from the Great White North

No, not quite Canada … about 60 minutes from the border by car, though. The holiday break in Rangeley was fantastic, and I didn’t crumble into a tiny, broken pool of humanity at the lack of internet connection. In fact, I’m quite proud of how I did!

What did I do instead?

I went skiing:
Skiing at Saddleback


Haley Pond with Hannah and Ed


Watched the deer out the windows:
Deer on the lawn

Celebrated the holiday with silly headgear:
Santa's Tenth Reindeer

Watched sunsets set the sky on fire:
Sky on fire

And contemplated the brevity of life:

Nope. Didn’t miss the internet at all. Which must be the reason I’ve been online since I got home and my eyes feel like their going to fall out of my head. Must be. 🙂


5 responses to “Back from the Great White North

  1. What, no knitting? ;-p

  2. Very little. I finished the cast on for the Ene Scarf, but had to rip back the fingerless mittens once I realized I started the wrong type of thumb. I should have pics up on Ravelry sometime this weekend and am planning a big ol knitting post in the near future.

    Love your cowl! It looks warm yet delicate.

  3. The thumb is the bane of my existence right now. I’m working on a pair of fair isle ETH fingerless gloves I designed, and I had to frog them last night because of the thumb. I want to have them done for next weekend when Sean and I hit the Manchester, CT and Cumberland, ME shows.

  4. Ugh – yeah. Thumbs are tough. I’m experimenting with different types, trying to find one that works/fits, yet is easy. So far I’m finding a gusseted one works best, but it’s not always easy to gauge how many stitches you need for the thumb without cutting into what’s left for the fingers.

    Those ETH fingerless mittens sound cute! What’s the design?

  5. At the moment it’s ‘ETH’ on the back of the hand, and the screaming haggis on the palm side (hopefully it actually looks like that once I’m done!). I’ve got a Greek key pattern as a border. I’ll get pics up on ravelry if/when I finish.

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