Ranty McRant – Crackberries at the Movies

Turn off the phone!

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the past few years: blackberries at the movies.   People seem to be remebering to turn their ringers off, but those with internet access, game access or have all-access via a crackberry … TURN OFF THE GOD DAMN PHONE!  (iPhone users, this means you, too!)

Your big, bright screen is distracting, not just to me, but to anyone in the theatre who isn’t blind.  Seriously!

If the movie is so boring that you have to play a game to keep yourself occupied — GO HOME!

If your attention span can’t handle a 90 – 120 minute film — GO HOME!  There’s a wonderful thing out there called Netflix.  Look into it if you’re too ADD to handle sitting still.

If you’re too important not to be on your email 24/7, or texting other people, then maybe you’re too busy to see a movie.  Maybe you should go home.

Stop ruining the experience for other movie-goers who have the patience, intelligence and common courtesy to turn off their cellphones, put them away, and enjoy being entertained for a little while.

Oh … and while we’re at it?  Once you sit down at a movie theatre, STAY SEATED!  Getting up every 20 minutes is unacceptable behavior.  If you’re going to have to exit the theatre frequently, sit on the aisle down near the bottom.  The seats may be crappy, but you’ll be in and out of the theatre so much you won’t see much of the film anyways.



4 responses to “Ranty McRant – Crackberries at the Movies

  1. Attention spans are significantly challenged with text messaging, it’s just too easy to split time b/w texting and everything else you are doing.

  2. It’s very true. However, one would hope that asking someone to put their cellphone away for 120 minutes wouldn’t be like asking them to cut off their right arm. 🙂

  3. This has got to be one of the most irritating trends in the last few years! Even in LA, where it’s a safe bet that more than half the audience works in the industry, the crackberrys are STILL out in alarming numbers. I agree- if you can’t put the phone away for 120 minutes, maybe you shouldn’t go to the movies.

  4. Oh yeah, I would imagine LA would be riddled with crackberry/iPhone screens lighting up the night. (When are you coming to Boston, btw…)

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