What I am Eating – Dumplings

Finally made something worth blogging about: Dumplings!  These were a lot easier to make that I first thought.  The only downside is the time it takes to make each little pocket of deliciousness.  However, this would be a great date night meal as it’s very hands-on and interactive.

I adapted this recipe from Serious Eats: added in a little carrot, oyster sauce and a smidge of siracha.   Rather than chopping everything up real fine, I dumped it all into the food processor and pulsed it around a bit.

The wrappers were a bit of a challenge as neither my local co-op or Whole Foods had the right kind.  So I took a little field trip to the local Korean grocery, Lotte, on the corner of Mass Ave and Village Street.  What a gem this place is!!  They had everything you could imagine — but be prepared to take wild guesses at what you’r buying since almost none of it is in English.  (I love these stores as it forces me to experiment and get creative.)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the filling is made, the wrappers are defrosted, and the creating begins!

Edamame, Kale & Cilantro Dumplings

Here they are, bubbling away in their giant pot of water:

bubble bubble toil and deliciousness

I wish I had taken a finished shot of the dumplings with soy sauce and rice, but I was so hungry and eager to taste them once they were finished that I ate them up.   This recipe makes a lot, so I will be refrigerating some and will experiment with dumpling soups and pan frying later in the week.

Oh – one other challenge: keeping the dumplings from sticking to everything.  Any thoughts on how to keep this from happening?


3 responses to “What I am Eating – Dumplings

  1. When I make these, I make a ton and freeze them. The way I prepare them is as follows:

    I place the frozen dumplings directly into a hot pan with a little veggie oil. Once the bottoms are browned, I add a little bit of water to the pan and promptly put the lid on. The steam cooks the dumplings the rest of the way.

    Freezing method:
    I fill each one and set them out on a cookie sheet, and place the sheet of dumplings in the freezer overnight. Once they’re frozen solid, you can plop them all in a freezer container (a baggie or a tupperware thingie) and they’ll keep for a good while.

  2. YUMMM

    When we’ve been to China, my father-in-law’s housekeeper makes the freaking BEST dumplings (she is Chinese, though). Her soy dipping sauce is kept in a huge mason jar with an obscenely wonderful amount of garlic in it. Sooooo gooooooood. Yours look fabulous!

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