Battlestar Galactica – S4.5:E2

If I was poetic, I would compose an ode to the awesomeness that is this show. Every time I watch it I am struck by the brilliance of the storytelling.

So BSG fans, as we count down to the final hours of the show, what questions remain unanswered?

1) Who is the final Cylon? Is it Kara Thrace? Is it Ellen? I like the idea that Ellen is an aged Six, which is why Saul has always been drawn to the Sixes.

2) Who’s the father to Chief’s baby? I’m guessing Helo. No real reason except that I’d like to think he let his guard down on some wild and kinky night. Why it was with Callie I have no idea, whiny brat that she was, but Helo’s pretty hot stuff. (Right KF? ::wink wink::)

3) Will Zarek finally get airlocked? I hope to gods so.

… those are just the immediate questions I have. What questions do you have?BSG Logo


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