Star Wars Yoga

Stumbled across this at the Unshelved blog:


So amazingly, awesomely, utterly nerdy!

I just know i’m going to be giggling like a maniac this weekend as I come in and out of Downward Facing Wookie.

Downward Facing Wookie

This could open up a whole new avenue of teaching/learning asanas, especially for those with a sense of humor.

I think I might start incorporating the May the Force be With You Handstand:

Luke's Handstand

Looks pretty similar to the one from Yoga Journal …


How about AT-ST?

Firefly Pose


What other poses can you come up with?

(Apologies to Yoga Journal and the other images, which I found courtesy of Google image search.)


One response to “Star Wars Yoga

  1. Holy crap, that’s awesome!

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