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Yoga School – Day 3

Long, hard, challenging.

Exhausted, dizzy, nauseated.

Hungry, thirsty, tired.

Food. Sleep.

Will write more tomorrow.




I find that the happier I am, the shorter my hair gets.  TT says its a confidence thing.  I sure hope so, since “confidence” is the word of the times right now.

Here’s the new ‘do!

Apologies for the lame self-portraits in the mirror 🙂

frontsorta-side view

Graduated in the back, mostly razor cut, asymetrical in the front, totally awesome.

Stylist: Tara (The Amazing), junior stylist at Pyara, Cambridge MA

Valentine’s Day, Leaks, Chocolate Bar, Cupcakes, and a Cold

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet 🙂

Here is where I’ve been in the past two weeks:

Sakonnet VineyardThe Big Guy took me on a wine-tasting a lovely local vineyard in Rhode Island: Sakonnet Vineyard.  We tried six different wines: my favorite being a ginger-infused german-style wine and their port.  (The port was to die for.  Srsly.)  The ground of the vineyard were beautiful and there were picnic tables and beautiful pieces of sculpture dotting the rolling hills.


Once we got back to Cambridge, I promptly dropped my new camera.  The camera body is fine, but I broke a tiny plastic flange on the lens which connects the lens to the body.  A new lens was ordered from B&H photo, so in the intervening few days, no pictures were taken.

When the new lens arrived at work on Friday in was in the middle of this drama:

plastic sheetingYes, that’s plastic sheeting covering some of the stacks at work.  A pipe in the second floor bathroom burst and water came flowing down through the first floor conference room and into the basement stacks.  Luckily the water was contained in drip pans suspended from the ceiling.  We covered the publicity materials from old exhibits with plastic to protect against some minor splashing.  Unluckily, the leak detection system failed to go off even though the wire was fully submerged into the water in the drip pan.  My supervisor learned about the leak from a colleague and has the presence of mind to check the stacks.

Everything’s fine now, but it was a bit hairy while we figured out the extent of the emergency and possible damage.

The weekend was highlighted by a visit to the Langham Hotel’s Chocolate bar.  Much chocolate was sampled, the sugar highs were high and the resulting crashes were catastrophic 🙂

White Chocolate CheesecakeI maintain my position that white chocolate is not really chocolate.

chocolate fountainArtsy-fartsy picture of the chocolate fountain.

Monday night found me in the middle of writing my long-procrastinated 10 page personal reflection paper for yoga teacher training.  After creating an initial outline, I took a well deserved break to make rainbow cupcakes for work.

Inspired by the brilliant post at Omnomicon, I followed essentially the same steps, but made cupcakes instead of a two-layer cake.

batter bowlsPretty colored batter bowls!

cupcakesThey baked up so big and puffy, with hints of color peeking through the red tops.

finished and frostedEt voila!  These were a joy to make and even more fun to eat.  A huge success at today’s staff meeting, if I do say so myself.  Also a recipe I plan to keep around and use more often in the future.  I’m already envisioning color-themed cupcakes for all future holidays. 🙂

And that brings us to tonight.  I had a slight head cold: just enough to make me feel kind of icky.  Got a date with some Nyquil and my pillow in about 10 minutes.  Yoga paper’s finished (yippee!) and there will be a blog entry on that as some interesting thoughts came up in the process of writing.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

Hooray for Yoga Journal!

Yoga Journal(s)My first Yoga Journal came today — and in a wonderfully pleasant surprise, I got both Febryary 2009 AND March 2009!  I had ordered these back in January and wasn’t really expecting to see them until March/April at the earliest.  (We all know how slow magazine subscriptions take to process.)

So delighted to see these in the mail with my name on them!  YAY!

So how did I celebrate?  Attempting an awkward self-portrait with magazines:

Self Portrait with YJs

Lipstick, the Economy and Going Green

I remember reading somewhere (and kudos to anyone who can find the article, because I can’t) that lipstick purchases go up during economic recessions. What I remember of the premise is this: Women’s budgets get severely cut during recessions as they have to stretch a buck further to feed and clothe their families. So their own personal budget is the first thing to go, but one little luxury they tend to keep is buying lipstick. It’s an inexpensive way to look pretty. (Feminist rant aside, it’s true.)

It was a blog post on Treehugger that reminded me of that bit of information. Treehugger did a short round-up of eco-friendly, “green”, lip colors.

Some of the brands look really awesome and I’m hoping that I can find a local place that carries the Terrafirma lip stain.

What little perks do you still allow yourself? What little bits of joy still find their way into your shopping basket?

Yoga School – Day 2

Let’s get a few things out of the way first.  Get the whining over so then we can pay attention to some of the more important things.  First on the list, hamstrings.  My day was ruled by my hamstrings.  My down dogs looked like someone hamstrug a stray mut.  Second on the list of whines: shoulders. Hello pain!  Too many torpedoing chaturangas will inflame the shoulder joints and cause numbness of the entire area.  Anyways, important lesson learned on form and safety here.  Lesson 1: don’t ever, EVER, stress your hamstrings.  Seriously.  Unless you’re super open, keep those knees bent!  No forward bend or perfect V in down dog is worth the agony of the day after.  Lesson 2: core strength, keeping the chest up and open, and the gaze forward in the transitions from chaturanga to up dog is very, very important.  I had no idea how important it was until I did 90.  In a row.  It’s seriously important.

Thanks for bearing with me, now let’s get down to business.

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Yoga School – Day 1

Today was the first day of my 200 hour teacher certification training.  I’ve decided that in addition to journaling my experience throughout the day, I would blog at night about what went on and any thoughts/feelings/emotions that came up.  I think there’s going to be a lot of blog fodder from this experience if today is any indication.

Please excuse any typos that may appear.  I’ll be writing these entries after 12+ hours of yoga, so any mistakes can be attributed to “yoga coma.” 🙂

Currently, it’s 10:15pm and I am physically as exhausted as I have ever been in my life. Yoga School (aka 200-hour teacher training certification program) just might be the hardest thing I have done.  At least, that’s how it feels at the end of Day 1.

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