A Little Nervous, A Lot Excited

Warning: obsessive navel-gazing about to commence. 😉

Yoga School starts next weekend and I’m a little nervous and a lot excited.  It’s probably the biggest life-step I’ve taken since graduate school and definitely more life-changing.  In hopes that I don’t sound all sunshine-and-rainbows, it wouldn’t be a stretch (har har) to say that yoga has changed much of my life.

Physically I can feel a huge difference: I’m much stronger and more flexible than I have ever been.  Never being an athletically-inclined person, this is very new and very cool.  I feel lucky to have found something I enjoy that also gives me a great workout.

Socially it’s opened up a new avenue to meeting a lot of wonderful and interesting new people.  I’ve also been able to check out some great new studios and meet some brilliant new teachers.

Emotionally yoga has brought about the biggest changes.  I feel like I’ve been much calmer, more focused and less stressed.  I used to “talk myself into a corner” all the time.  Stressing about the what-ifs, losing sleep and bringing on massive migraines.  Yoga, and a lot of the reading I did to prepare for the teacher-training, have helped me change the way I approach life.  Less stress, less hassle, more joy.  One of the things I most want to get out of the teacher training are more ways and creative approaches to brining more joy and less stress to life.

Other things I’m looking forward to: meeting new people, working on arm-balances, inversions, and meditation.

Anyone out there who’s gone through yoga teacher-training have words of advice?

Ok, thanks for bearing with me.  Obssessive navel gazing has finished.


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