Yoga at the Aquarium

What a brilliant idea!  People are always touting the relaxing benefits of fishtanks (srsly, check out any doctor’s office), so why not combine yoga and fish?!  Check out the awesome photogallery of yoga classes held at the Georgia Aquarium.

My favorite pic is this one.  With the tips of the toes just peeking into the bottom edge of the picture, it’s clear they’re in savasana.  For some reason that makes me giggle.

Image from Atlanta Journal Constitution

So, what do you think: would the New England Aquarium in Boston be up for the same thing?  I’d love to teach a “water themed” yoga class at the aquarium!

If the aquarium offered classes, would you attend?  What about the price? $25.00 seems steep to me.  How much would you be willing to pay?


3 responses to “Yoga at the Aquarium

  1. I don’t know how much classes normally are, but if you taught there, I’d totally fly up for a class!

  2. Aww! Thanks Jettie!

  3. I’d be there in a heartbeat! Just not near the penguins…those guys are cute and all, but LOUD!!!

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