Hooray for Yoga Journal!

Yoga Journal(s)My first Yoga Journal came today — and in a wonderfully pleasant surprise, I got both Febryary 2009 AND March 2009!  I had ordered these back in January and wasn’t really expecting to see them until March/April at the earliest.  (We all know how slow magazine subscriptions take to process.)

So delighted to see these in the mail with my name on them!  YAY!

So how did I celebrate?  Attempting an awkward self-portrait with magazines:

Self Portrait with YJs


4 responses to “Hooray for Yoga Journal!

  1. I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE getting magazines in the mail, so I can only imagine how elated you must have been!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!

  2. Hey! I recognize that Penguin key chain 🙂

  3. Just a little something to tuck into your green beret…

    I *love* paper magazines, their look, their feel… We recently cancelled just about all of our subscriptions in favor of using Zinio, a most wonderful electronic subscription service, that in lots of cases, is actually cheaper, too, than it’s paper counterpart. They’ve got Yoga Journal on there, and while I know you now have the subscription, they also offer up back issues that you can buy, which might be a nice way to a) get all the info you may have missed, and b) test drive the service to see if it’s something you’d like.


    Takes a little adjustment when we’re so used to paper, but I tell ya – after lugging the numerous bags of my past issues to the recycling center, I’m all for it! Oh! And they’ve got free electronic versions of literary classics, too, in case you’re traveling or something, and need a fix. 🙂

  4. HAHA, Kate! Yes, I still have the penguin on my keychain. It’s a reminder of all the good times at The Bird and with you and the whole crew.

    Jettie – thanks for the heads up. I might look into Zinio for some of the food mags I love.

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