Lipstick, the Economy and Going Green

I remember reading somewhere (and kudos to anyone who can find the article, because I can’t) that lipstick purchases go up during economic recessions. What I remember of the premise is this: Women’s budgets get severely cut during recessions as they have to stretch a buck further to feed and clothe their families. So their own personal budget is the first thing to go, but one little luxury they tend to keep is buying lipstick. It’s an inexpensive way to look pretty. (Feminist rant aside, it’s true.)

It was a blog post on Treehugger that reminded me of that bit of information. Treehugger did a short round-up of eco-friendly, “green”, lip colors.

Some of the brands look really awesome and I’m hoping that I can find a local place that carries the Terrafirma lip stain.

What little perks do you still allow yourself? What little bits of joy still find their way into your shopping basket?


2 responses to “Lipstick, the Economy and Going Green

  1. I just bought a new lip balm/gloss/liptint thing recently! I think the thing that I’m going to keep spending money on is my hair cut. It’s only every six weeks, and it relaxes me (I go to an Aveda salon). And though I’ve cut back my LUSH spending, I’ll still pick up the odd bath item here and there, because a girl’s gotta have a good soak every now and again.

  2. I just read something about that too and it’s RED lipstick that gets very popular…maybe Oprah Mag.

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