Yoga School – Day 5

What a day!  A week after implementing a semi-daily meditation practice as well as a daily yoga practice, this day saw a lot of changes and some powerful revelations.  I”m not going to get into the nitty gritty details here as it’s neither the time (damn daylight’s savings time!) or the place (see: BLOG).  But to make a long story short …

There’s been some guilt, rejection, shame and grief I’ve been carrying for a long time that came out of a past relationship.  Today was the day that I faced all of that, stared it down, gave it a big hug, and let it go.  As much as someone can ever let stuff like that go.  As JB said, “you are only the victim for as long as you choose to be.  And as of today, I no longer choose to be a victim to the emotions I felt for years because of this relationship.  I don’t beleive that this is over, or that these things will never surface again, but as of today, I choose to direct my energy elsewhere and release these negative emotions.  So, as you can see, it was a powerful day. 🙂

JB was back with us this morning (hooray!) and talking about chakras.  Energy centers of :the body, each corresponds to certain feelings, emotions, sounds, elements and physical parts of the body.  JB called this class our “emotional anatomy.”  She started off by saying that as a yoga teacher, what you are doing is teaching your student grace under pressure.  Resiliance.  Courage.  Everyone has it in them, was born with it, and yoga is a way to get back to it.  This connected well with J’s parting words from last weekend that what brought us to yoga was not the need to get into shape, or to feel less stressed, or to be more flexible.  It was our soul, our spirit calling us home.  Saying come back to me.  JB built upon this by leading a class, freamed around a chakra lecture, that gave us permission to work through this stuff.

It also goes back to “do the work before you ask others to do it.”  I can’t think of better models than J and JB.  These women have done the work.  Hard work.  And they are stronger and lighter for it.  JB and J practically shimmer they are so bright and beautiful.  It’s like being taught by a star.

Some of the big takeaways from JB’s class, besides a lesson on the chakras, were:

— Being in the moment and being present are just other ways of putting life into perspective.

“Yoga has no interest in changing you.  It just wants to meet you where you’re at.”  — Brian Kest, via JB

— Negative energy can leave as soon as it enters.  You decide how long to hold it.

— You are only the victim for as long as you choose to be.

— If you have low self-esteem, how come?  Why?  Chances are it has nothing to do with you.  It all came from external influences.

— The most important thing you can do for youself is to cut yourself some slack.

The afternoon was spent with T & P where we broke into two large groups and taught the flow.  Two standing balance poses were added this time and we were told to choose which ones we wanted to talk through.  I didn’t get a chance to teach today, but it might come tomorrow.

So far the flow is:

2 sun a’s
2 sun b’s
crescent lunge twist
warrior 2
extended side-angle
::repeat on other side::
chair-twist other side
choice of two:
warrior III
knee to chest
child’s pose

After the dinner break, people began presenting their stories of how they came to yoga.  Very interesting to hear what brought people here, what their concerns are, and what they hope to get.

That’s the very brief run-down of today.  Bed for now.  Early morning tomorrow.  Feeling very peaceful right now.  Like you do when you’ve just faced down your greatest fear, survived, and the adrenaline buzz is gone.  Just peaceful and quiet.


3 responses to “Yoga School – Day 5

  1. Wow! I was worried about you last night but after reading your blog, I know that you are on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, facing demons and banishing them hopefully forever!

    “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” Aldous Huxley

  2. I’m fine, really. It’s got me shaken but in a good way. I love that quote!! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  3. Oh – and thank you for being home on Saturday night. Even though I was more than a little messy, it was good to have someone to talk to.

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