Yoga School – Day 7

today's visualization technique

today's visualization technique

Hello fellow peripatetics!  Today was a loooooong day with not much physical practice and a whole lot of sitting. BUT – we started off the day with reflexology foot masseages.  I can’t think of a better way to start my day and am considering reorganizing tghe budget so that it includes a daily foot massage. 🙂

The morning began with MK, reflexologist and alternative medicine practitioner.  She spent the morning going over anatomy: skeletal system and organs (muscles are tomorrow) and then demoed how to give someone a reflexology foot massage.  We had a little chart outlining the pressure points and which areas corresponded to which area of the body.  Then we paired up and went to town.  It was fascinating being able to FEEL where people held tension in their feet.  MK described as crystals and crystalization and I was skeptical.  But once I got working on my partner’s feet, I could totally feel it.  Little pockets of tension in the foot that when they start to break up feel like rice krispies under the skin.  I know, sounds gross, but it feels amazing!

MK also talked a lot of diet and eating the right foods to fuel the needs of your body.  While I think she was a little too out there with some stuff (recommending testing your urine for ph balance three times a day was a bit much for me) I liked her overall message of “everything in moderation”.  A lot of soy products can be bad for you, if that’s all you are eating to get your protien.  Processed soy products, and especially soy milk, has phytoestrogen, which has been shown, in some studies to increase the risk of breast cancer.  I don’t have any specific citations for this information, but if you have any to support or contradict this position, please let me know.  (MK shared a lot of information today that was backed up by “studies” of which there were no citations.  The librarian in me cringes in pain.)  Anyways, back to the point that eating a ton of soy every day can be bad for you.  However, eating it as part of a well-balanced diet with multiple healthy protein sources is very good.  Just like a garden grows and looks better with a variety of plants, so too do people when they eat a varried diet.

Today also saw my third time teaching.  I must have manifested that I wanted to go because I was the first person called.  (Maybe there IS something to this whole manifestation concept 🙂 ).  It wasn’t a great session.  A bunch of new stuff that I don’t normally practice was added in.  I got lost after the parsvokonasana (side-angle), skipped a bunch of stuff, and had to ask for help in cueing into and out of the twisting triangle sequence.  I feel good about what I did right though and I got some positive feedback on pacing and voice tone.  What I need to work on are the transitions into and out of these new poses, how they fit with the rest of the flow, and making my cues succinct.

It was much easier this time: almost no nerves despite the fact that I struggled a lot at the end.  I didn’t (and don’t) feel bad about it.  I brought my best to the moment and am grateful for that.  Perhaps its because I’m in a room with people I feel very comfortable with.  Perhaps it’s because I’m finally starting to release my obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist, Type-A+ personality.  Either way, it felt good, even though it wasn’t perfect.  Which confirms that I truly am on the right path.

T closed the class with a quickie lesson on closing chakras.  Confession: I am totally digging the chakras.  I’m not sure how sold I am on the idea that this energy runs through everything and powers everything and we can tap into to create miracles and manifest our desires.  What I do know is that chakras, chakra cleansing and the system provide an accessible tool for self-evaluation and self-analysis.  (See this awesome post on Write-On Yoga for more of what I’m talking about.  I am in debt to her words and ideas for expressing how I feel about chakras.)

The closing of the chakras also worked for me as a way to protect myself, especially while at work.  Work is not always a great place to be (who’s work is?) but there are some particularly challening personalities.  Often I let their energy sap mine and I think the chakra closing work might be a way for me to keep myself grounded and let the negativity flow by, rather than get sucked up into it.  It almost makes me look forward to Monday ::wink::

So with toast consumed, tea drank and blog entry completed, I’m off to bed.

What’s on my nightstand?  Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith.  Told ya, this chakra thing is working for me


2 responses to “Yoga School – Day 7

  1. Sounds like a great day honey! Have to teach me how to properly massage your feet!

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