Letting Go

photo from JanGlas @ Flickr

photo from JanGlas @ Flickr

It’s the hardest thing to do in life: letting go. Be it a loved one who passed away, old anger, hurt or resentment, plans that you made before life took a turn …

I’ve been thinking about the negative qualities of attachment and the lightness that comes with letting go for a few weeks now and was thrilled when my mom shared with me two sound bites she heard in an interview with Dr. Christine Northrup.

Both about letting go, these quotes stuck in my brain to the point where they have reached earworm status.

#1) Give up perfect

As a lifelong perfectionist, I know this is far easier said than done. (I also know there are a lot of other perfectionists out there.  ::waves hello::  This quote is for you.)

Teacher training has taught me a lot about letting go in the past few weeks, but it is an ongoing struggle. My personal challenge is to recognize that I will bring my best in that moment, and my best will be good enough. When the moment is over, I will let it go. No worry, no stress, no beating myself up over what I did/didn’t do. I don’t think this negates healthy self-reflection, but it’s a much more honest assessment of one’s talents, skills and weaknesses than an angst-ridden pity party.

#2)  You have to be willing to give up the life you planned in order to experience the life that awaits you

This one is a doozy and has been dredging up all kinds of uncomfortable feelings.  If I take anything away from yoga teacher training it will be that when something makes me uncomfortable, it deserves a closer look.

I love planning and spend a lot of time thinking about the future. What I’ve started to realize over the past year is the more time and energy I spend planning for an unknown future, the less time and energy I have for the present. Since we only live in the present moment, it’s wasteful to put time and energy towards something totally amorphous. This is a thought pattern that will take more time to re-route, but I believe that I will get more out of every day life.

Since these two quotes are really echoing in my conscious and subconscious brain, I’m taking it as a sign that there are things that I need to let go in my life.  Perhaps it’s time to confront the idea that attachment makes for a stagnant life.  Time to open up, be free and live happy.


One response to “Letting Go

  1. I am glad these 2 quotes spoke to you and I was able to pass them on. I am thinking yoga has come to you at the right time. I am thinking it has taken you 28 years to learn to live in the moment and to stop looking ahead to the next thing. Enjoy and appreciate what surrounds you now. It makes this day special.

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