Daily Archives: March 21, 2009

Yoga School – Day 9

I’ve been told that days 8-9-10 is when all the really emotional stuff comes up and out in teacher training.  It’s just beyond the half way point and people are really starting to see things bubble to the surface.  Today was no exception.

JB was back with us again to lead a practice, meditation and discussion on the Yoga Sutras.  “Sutra” literally translated means “thread” so the yoga sutras are the threads that weave together the entire practice.  And not just the physical practice, the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, too.  One of the things I really liked about reading the sutras was the openness to all types of spirituality and religions. JB echoed this when she shared something from a book along the lines of “religion is the conduit to spirituality.”  This is heartening to hear, especially in the wake of Malaysia and Indonesia banning the practice of yoga in recent months.

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