Yoga School – Day 10

Today was an awesome surprise! Mary Kaye was with us all morning talking about adapting yoga for kids and teens.  It was a great workshop and I feel inspired to teach kids and adolescents.  I can only image how different it would have been if I had had yoga as a child or a teen.  I was never an athletic kid so I struggled in gym and anytime I had to play a competitive sport.  Practicing yoga as an adult has given me so much strength of body and spirit that I wish I had access to it as a kid.  Yoga and meditation are definitely practices I will introduce to my own (future and hypothetical) children – if they are willing.  Mary Kaye is also the author of two awesome books for kids and teens: I Love Yoga (for kids) and Breathe (for teens).  These will definitely be added to my bookshelf!

The afternoon was with J.  It was great to have her loving, no-nonsense personality back in the studio.  We taught the same flow as yesterday and today’s teachers were finally much more comfortable with the new flow.  I didn’t have to teach (thank goodness!) as I’m still working out the kinks in some of the trasitions.  Another week and I should hopefully have a better hold on it.   J talked about setting and holding the steadyness – rythym – pulse of a yoga flow.  It’s the heart and soul of any vinyasa practice and by setting a rythym, allows the students access to meditation through motion.

J had us do an “aum/om circle”.  That was SO awesome.  Everyone starts off together on the same om and as your breath runs out, take another and join back it.  It creates these waves of sound that is indescribable.  I could feel the vibration of the sound deep inside me.  Coincidentally, as we chanted the first om, the sky cleared and the sun shone into the studio until we sounded the final om and the sky clounded back over.  It took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.  Beyond the experience, it tapped into my greatest wish: to sing.  I tried for years and years to sing and I just don’t have the talent.  But when I om, especially in a group, I feel like I am making music.  Beautiful, meaningful music.

More papers were shared after dinner.  I am in awe of the people in my yoga class.  So many have walked through fire and come out the other side.  I admire their courage, strength and resiliance.  It really is an honor to meet and work with so many wonderful people.

Best quote from J today:

“Just put on your pink bubble and you’ll be ok.”

My pink bubble is on and I’m off to sleep.


2 responses to “Yoga School – Day 10

  1. hopefullyogateacher

    kids yoga was so fun! I wish I had that also when I was younger. And Mary Kaye is so crazy, I can’t imagine a better teacher for kids…see you next week

  2. I used to teach a class for teens and it was sooo much fun. They have so much energy and fearlessness, it’s contagious! And even kids who are shy seem to find their inner shiva in class.

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