Yoga School – Day 12

Photo by Niko R @ Flickr

Photo by Niko R @ Flickr

Today combined energy work with adjustments.  J spent the WHOLE DAY with us (she is totally amazing!) and led us all down some incredible paths.  We spent the morning with energy work.  It is impossible to describe the things that happened in class, but I will share that my “take away” is that once you open your mind, the possibilities are endless.  As my Mom reminded me this evening: “Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open.”

If you’re curious about the energy work, email me.  I’d be happy to share my experience and some of the resources that were given to us.

The afternoon was more work with adjustments, specifically focusing on the adjustee’s energy.  It was great to work with a lot of different people with very different body types and shapes.  I’m on the tall-end of average height for women and it was a struggle to adjust some of the taller men and petite women.  We learned some great moves, though, to help compensate for this.

One awesome exercize that J had us do was to line up in rows on eight, one person on the mat and one person behind them doing the adjusting.  J would call out the poses in the flow and every so often she would say “switch!” at that moment we had to move down the line.  The speed at which she called everything out meant you had to stay focused, present, and attuned to the person you were with.  Sometimes you were only with someone for the space of a “flat back” or a “fold forward”.  I messed up the line at one point as I was adjusting this one woman and I was totally into her energy.  As a result I forgot to switch when the “switch” was called.  Whoops!  Anyways, I really liked this drill and felt that it brought all of the elements of adjusting together into a cohesive whole.

I feel that more than any other weekend, we connected as a unit.  Not because someone gave an amazing teacher experience, or shared a painful story, but that we, as a group, connected in much stronger way.  I feel uplifted and energized by all that we shared energetically and through touch.  I am so lucky to have  met and interacted with 42 amazing, compassionate and corageous people.


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