The Great Pit Debate

photo found via Google Image search.

photo found via Google Image search.

Let’s talk about arm pits — an unloved body part if there ever was one.  There’s never much positive said about the pit.  We shave it (if we’re female or competitive swimmers), smear stuff on it to keep it from doing its natural function (keeping us cool), and generally ignore it.  Unless we are speaking disparagingly of it and its function.  Poor arm pit. 😦

I’m in the midst of a personal debate about this and the role of deodorant/anti-perspirant.  For years I’ve used Dove’s deodorant/anti-perspirant.  It’s served we well, kept me dry and smelling “fresh.”  It’s also turned the lower armscye of any light colored shirt a gross yellow color and probably put more aluminum into my system than if I just sat down and ate a roll of aluminum foil.

So I switched to Tom’s of Maine.  No aluminum there — but also no odor or wetness protection.

Now, I’m not an exceptionally sweaty or smelly person, but I’ve been practicing yoga for 24 hours on the weekends.  I also practice more often in a heated studio than not and will start assisting in a heated studio.  Getting up close and personal with people during assists is already quite intimate.  The last thing I need is to take them out of their flow and meditation because my deodorant has spectacularly failed.  Ugh.

What’s a girl to do?  Risk her health and white shirts for the rest of her life?  Or be a damp, funky mess?


8 responses to “The Great Pit Debate

  1. OxyClean does work wonders. Thank you for the great link!

  2. hopefullyogateacher

    Ha, that’s why you were worried about being stinky the other day (which you weren’t!)
    I’ve had the same great debate, and switched to natural for a while, but eventually came back to the strong stuff (I’m a serious sweater). Have you noticed that it’s kind of sexist though – it’s very hard to find a women’s deodorant that is just deodorant, and not antiperspirant, meanwhile guys have tons of just-deodorants to choose from. Coincidence, I think not. Women aren’t “supposed to sweat.” Wave that pit-stained flag, grrl

  3. I agree…from what I’ve heard, the natural stuff from Tom’s of Maine doesn’t cut it. Although it sounds nice, it doesn’t seem to protect as we hope. I say nix the natural stuff and go back to Dove…just get some OxyClean to keep your shirts from going in the trash! 🙂

    If you do keep the natural stuff, they have a great outlet in Kennebunk…

  4. I stopped using anti-perspirant during the middle of last summer. my solution? while it didn’t prevent the sweating, baking soda does wonders in terms of keeping the stink away. i just put some good old arm and hammer in a ramekin, swirled it with a fluffy powder brush and applied it underneath my arms after getting out of the shower. try it! you’ll love it! it’s cheap, eco-friendly, and you won’t be clogging pores that are suspiciously close to lymph nodes and breast tissue. the aluminum in anti-p. has also been linked to alzheimer’s…ahh!

    • That’s an awesome idea Anna! I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Did you notice a reduction in sweat-stained clothing at all? My poor light/white shirts are wrecked by the end of the summer. I’m definitely going to be trying some of the things on the post from Ally, but what has your experience been with the Arm & Hammer baking soda?

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