Yoga School – Day 14

Last day today: bittersweet and very exciting.  J was with us for the morning for the last paper presentations and some teaching.  I am still in such awe of the strength and trust displayed by the people in my class.  So many people have walked through fire.  Their strength is an inspiration.

The Lisas

The afternoon was with T & P who closed our final class by going around the room and asking everyone to share a word that encapsulated the teacher training program for them.  Some of the words shared were healing – love – connection – strength – freedom – gratitude – rebirth.  One of the words I really loved was “reverb.”  A couple students shared some music similes.  One talked about being in chorus and how at the first rehearsal it’s a mess, but by the end, it’s beautiful music.  Another student told how she comes from a family of pipe organ builders.  In her story, she shared that once the organs with the thousands of pipes are built and played for the first time, what you’re looking for is perfect reverb.  Our class has perfect reverb.  These were especially poignant and, no pun intended, resonant.

Sydnee and Nate

My word was “pride.”  I am so proud of my fellow students.  They are incredible people and I feel honored to have shared this experience with them.  I am also proud of myself for taking on this challenge, for trying something so new and outside my realm of experience.  I am proud of the strength in my body, and especially proud of the new-found strength of spirit.  We are an amazing group and I am so damn proud of us.

Bound Half-Moon Assist with Sharon & Jenny B

Yoga teacher training has been humbling, exhausting, exhilierating, eye-opening, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, loving, challening, strengthening, freeing, courageous and transformational.  There’s very little of the experience that I would have changed or approached differently.  All the teachers we worked with were inspirational and so knowledgable.  If T & P have achieved anything (beyond an incredibly successful business,) it has been to attract such talented individuals into the community.

Twisting Triangle Assist with Hillary & Jene

With a bittersweet ending, and a lot of cupcakes and cookies, teacher training is over.  I still have five hours of in-studio assisting to do, which starts at 6:15am tomorrow morning.  I’m excited and more than a little anxious, but looking forward already to being back in the studio and helping people experience the peace that comes from yoga.

A small part of our entire group

So on that note, I am heading to bed.  Good night, sweet dreams and namaste.


2 responses to “Yoga School – Day 14

  1. I’m very proud of you- this must have been a difficult but rewarding experience. I can’t wait till your class, pre wedding.

  2. Congratulations!!! Let me know when that first class of yours is. 🙂

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