Hands On

First day of assisting today!  I was up way before my alarm (5:15am) for the 6:15am class since I was more than a little nervous, but excited to try out all that we had learned in class.  (I think there as also a part of me longing to be back in the studio, just to reassure myself a little that I love being assisted so it was great to get into a class and really work with the students.  The “grapevine” had said to expect the class to be a lot sweatier and hairier than expected.  It was definitely sweaty, but not as hairy as I had been lead to believe.  No matter who you are, a 90 minute yoga class in an 85+ degree studio means you’re going to sweat – a lot!  Most of adjustments seemed to be well-received and I got some “thank yous” and some great feedback from the teacher at the end of the class.  Some things to work on are not getting stuck against the wall, and continuing to expand my repertoire of gentle assists for back bends.

This afternoon, a delivery arrived at work.  An Edible Arrangement from my parents, congratualting on the end of teacher training.  I must have done something right in a past life to have gotten such amazing parents.

Edible Arrangement

And lastly, photos from the final weekend of teacher training are up at Flickr and on Facebook.  Enjoy!


One response to “Hands On

  1. Proud of you too! And everybody! Enjoy your lovely Edible Arrangement… And great pictures, by the way

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