Yoga Love

Photo from Vanessa Pike-Russell @

Photo from Vanessa Pike-Russell @

The yoga studio where I did my 200 hour teacher certification has the motto “Have the best day ever.”  This used to really grate on my nerves.  How naive!  How foolish!  Such a statement is too simplistic to ever reflect my reality. Have the best day ever?  That”s denying the possibility of future best days?  Why would you want to limit yourself to one best day ever?

I am eating my own words today because I have just had the best day ever.  Now I recognize what it meant in that statement: it’s not the best day ever in your life, it’s the best day ever in that moment.  Today has been a series of wonderful moments, that when added together, have made today the best day ever.

The morning started with my second assist in the 6:15am class.  After such a positive first experience, I was excited to assimilate  what I had learned and the feedback I received.  This morning’s teacher was super positive and made it a point to introduce me to the class.  I think that really helps the students in the class, so they’re not wondering who this stranger is with their hands all over them.  It also welcomes the assistant and makes them feel a part of the class, which, energetically, is a good idea. 🙂

The class went well, I got more “good stuff” for feedback and I didn’t have the same issue with the tingling and burning hands that I had after the first class.  I think I was more focused on giving energy this time around, rather than feeling energy from the student. At the end of the class, I got some really sweet smiles and “thank yous” from the students.  Knowing I helped them have a better class, especially first thing in the morning made me so happy.  I love morning classes for just that reason.

This evening, I took the power yoga class at the campus gym and had a great practice.  The teacher brought a lot of humor to the class and also hit all the right poses to work out my kinks.  I am surprisingly sore from all the assisting!  I had no idea that assisting would be as strenuous as taking a yoga class — though on reflection I shouldn’t be so surprised. Keeping my body in alignment and balanced so that I can support someone else’s body weight is challenging.  In a regular yoga class, you’re just moving around your own body weight.  When you’re assisting you’re supporting your own AND another person.

After class I had my first private yoga session.  A dear friend who works at the gym let me guide her through a 60 minute flow.  She’s a person whom I really respect so I was a little nervous.  Her good opinion really matters, but I also know that if there was anything weird or messy in my teaching she would give me great constructive feedback.  The practice went great!  She was so into it and went along with everything.  I could feel her opening up, lengthening out, de-stressing and finding peace.  It was amazing to be a part of that experience:  to know that I helped someone reach a state where they are more in touch with their body, their self and at peace with their mind.  It’s more powerful (in a good way) that I ever realized.

This is going to sound a little crazy, but I feel blessed (yes, I used a religious word!  OMG! Pass out now!) to have found something (yoga) that I love to do, but also have the ability to share with others.  Now, I realize this is a bit premature, because I’ve really only taught one person in a private session, but just to DO yoga and to teach yoga feels so good and so right.  Yoga feeds my curiosity and desire to be a perpetual student.  There is always something more to learn and because how the body feels changes from day to day, always something new to listen to and work with.  Yoga also gives me an outlet to take what I have learned and share it with others.  I feel like I’ve been walking on a happy pink cloud all day and am looking forward to assisting again tomorrow evening.


3 responses to “Yoga Love

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  2. Yay! I’m glad to hear that you’re loving instructing so much. I hope I can take a class with you sometime this summer or winter. 🙂

  3. Me too! We could do a one-on-one when we meet again, too 🙂

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