“Doga” earns a giant WTF?!

Photo by Michael Nagle for the New York Times

Photo by Michael Nagle for the New York Times

The Gray Lady strikes again.  In my continuing love-hate relationship with the New York Times (I love to hate it), an article from today’s issue jolted me right out of my yoga-buzz and plopped me right down into the middle of WTFville.

The article in question is about “doga” — yoga with dogs.  Dog owners and their pets come to a yoga class where the dog is used as a prop to help the owners achieve a more intense stretch.  Doga also claims to increase human-animal bonding, which is in keeping with the yoga principle of the universal connection between all living things.

First of all, the look on the poor dog’s face in the photo above says it all.  Any dog making pathetic eyes like that is not enjoying himself.  Ears are dropped low on the head, tail is tucked under … or would be if he wasn’t  straddled over his owners pelvis.  Creepy much?  (For the record, the dog could be a she … it’s impossible to tell gender from the photo.)

I understand the importance of bonding with your dog, but I fall squarely in the camp of “this is ridiculous.”  I struggle to understand why people will pay good money in the middle of a recession (or any time, really) for unnecessary things.  Bonding with your dog does not have to be complicated. Play with your dog.  Talk to her.  Throw a stick.  Cuddle up on the couch together.  It’s not too much of a leap to say that same things about human relationships.

Why do we feel the need to seek out “doga” in order to connect with our dogs?  Why do basic, instinctual relationships (human or animal) make us so uncomfortable that we need special ways and places to connect?

::shakes head:: A brief Google search generated 17,700,000 results related to “doga”.  Really?  Seriously?

“Doga” = earning a giant WTF stamp.


4 responses to ““Doga” earns a giant WTF?!

  1. Tessier's Hardware

    Thank goodness! The line must be drawn!

  2. Let’ s just hope it’s a a foolish fad that goes away once people realize they don’t need to pay money to play with their pets.

  3. It’s the ONE UP theory…people are always looking for another way to ONE UP another…it’s trendy…COME ON, DOGA PEOPLE…GET A LIFE!!!! Take your dog for a walk…you’ll both be happy afterwards.

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