Mud Puddles, Unicorns and Drug Busts

Just another fun-filled Earthfest at the Hatch Shell in Boston!  This was the first year I wasn’t the Early Bird, settling in at 10 am for prime real-estate.  This year the honor went to a couple good friends who did an excellent job locating us behind a unicorn balloon, which bobbed and weaved in the breeze like many revelers on the ground.


Of course, those dumb enough to get caught got caught:


Our blanket was the meeting ground for both old friends and new friends, and a few very exciting announcements!  And of course, healthy snacks to share.


The happiest moment was seeing this little guy, plastic spoon in hand, enjoying a perfect day.

Mud, mud, I love mud!

Oh — and the music line-up was pretty great too: Shawn Mullins, Seven Mary Three, the Lemonheads and Soul Assylum.  Hello 1994!!  🙂


2 responses to “Mud Puddles, Unicorns and Drug Busts

  1. You captured the day perfectly. Great memories.

  2. Lemonhead…Soul Assylum….oh my word…you just took me back a few years! Thank you for bringing me down memory lane!!!!

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