In Stitches – Literally

sadBlame it on genetics, the sun, growing up on a beach in the 80’s before sunscreen was important, multiple mid-winter vacations to Florida, youthful indiscretion in thinking being “tan” was pretty …   Whatever the culprit may have been, it resulted in another visit to the dermatologist to have  another dysplastic mole removed.

This particular visit resulted in stitches to close up the site of the former mole.  The spot is at the lower part of my mid-back, just to the left of the spine.  Doctor’s order are no exercise for two weeks, due to risk of busting the stitches and reopening the wound to infection.

No yoga for two weeks.

I realize there are far, far worse things that can happen in the world and the risk of melanoma by leaving the mole on my skin being number one.  And yet …

No yoga for two weeks.


What to do?  Can any of the yogis out there think of any asanas that don’t require me to lay on or twist my back? (So far I’ve come up with child’s pose.)

I’m thinking this is also a little mini wake-up call to spend some time on other areas of my yoga practice.  Maybe a little meditation that has been completely thrown by the wayside since teacher training ended.  Maybe some breathing/pranayama practice.  I’m going to try to flip this frown upside down, but I reserve the right for today to be totally bummed about no physical practice for two weeks.

Oh, and for the love of all that is good in the world and for all those you love and who love you, PROTECT YOUR SKIN!


One response to “In Stitches – Literally

  1. You can also do the tree pose in addition to child pose I think….

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