tripod headstand

tripod headstand

Headstand = success!!

With not a rain drop in sight and a morning free, I thought to myself, “What  a perfect day for an outside yoga practice!”  So I fished an old bath towel out of the laundry bin and spread it out under a big oak tree in Ed’s yard.  What a beautiful way to practice.  Physically connecting to the earth made such a difference — especially in being conscious of my core since the real earth feels nothing like a yoga studio floor ::wink::

When I got into wide-legged forward bend, I figured it would be a good time to work on my tripod.  I’ve had issues with inversion in the past, but I was feeling pretty safe and strong today. Setting up head and hands, I  scooted my knees onto my triceps and hung out there for a few breaths. Already feeling pretty pleased with myself, I’m not sure what inspired me to try the full on headstand, but I took a deep breath and slowly brought my legs overhead … AND STAYED THERE.  OMG!!  I WAS IN A HEADSTAND!  And not a panic attack or anxiety in sight!  Literally.  All I could see was the green grass tickling the upside down blue sky.  I didn’t stay up for  very long and made a resounding THUD when I landed.  But holy cow kids, I did it!  I had no idea I had it in me.  I figured I didn’t have the strength to get my legs up over my head, but you know what?  I DO!

Right now I feel on top of the world — strong and capable and so grateful for my body for being strong and my mind for not freaking the eff out like it usually does.

A fellow yogi recently left a Facebook status update saying that headstands are a great way to start the day.  I’m thinking she’s on to something big. 🙂

Happy Independence Day!


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