New Loves

This weekend I discovered and rediscovered two new loves: fly-fishing and headstands.

I grew up watching my Dad and brother fly fish and have done my own share of fishing with a Snoopy pole and bobber.  That kind of fishing wasn’t really for me though.  No problems with threading worms onto hooks or gently slipping fish back into the water — my nemesis was boredom.  Cast the line, sit and wait.  Stare at the bobber.  Pick your nose.  Maybe catch a fish.  Fly fishing changes that.  It’s an art, a constant physical activity that demands your full attention at every moment.  It’s a lot like yoga, so it’s no big surprise that I enjoyed it so much.

For Christmas I got a fly fishing “starter kit“: rod, reel, vest and some flies and was enrolled in LL Bean’s Fly Fishing Essentials I for Women on July 18th.  (Side note: I highly, highly recommend L.L. Bean’s Oudoor Discovery School! Great instructors!)  The two other women in the class and I met our instructor Sue and got right down to business.  Four hours of theory, knot tying, and casting practice later I was feeling fairly confident in my skills and totally in love.

Sunday we got to practice a little in the pond in the backyard.  My form totally fell apart in most places as I tried to adapt to a totally different terrain than the smooth, wide-open spaces I learned in the day before.  Most of the fishing time was spent looking like this:



Later in the day I got a chance to practice my headstands in the yard.  I haven’t been able to practice them at all in the studio, so this was a real treat to rediscover something that I am learning to love.  Inversions and I haven’t always been friends, but I think I’m falling in love (ha!) with headstands.

up up and away!

up up and away!

I didn’t catch any fish and I didn’t get my legs straight, but each activity brought so much joy that it didn”t matter that neither is perfect.  I have a lifetime of fly fishing and headstands in front of me.  It’s doubtful that they’ll ever be perfect no matter how hard I try … and that’s the beauty of it.  Yoga has taught me to find the light in the imperfections and be comfortable and happy where I am — not where I want to be.  Of course I want to be a better fisherman and to get my legs straight up overhead, but the journey is the fun part, not the result.

I hear there’s some killer landlocked salmon at the end of the journey, too. 🙂



3 responses to “New Loves

  1. I’m 100% in love with all of the pictures that accompany this post. Side note? I saw so much of you in a three week span, I’m going through a little withdrawal. Still going to be around the last weekend in August?

    • Aww – thanks Krista! I miss you too!! i’ll be in Cambridge that last week of August. If you’re in town let’s make plans!

  2. original owner

    Another great piece! Life is all about growing, adapting and above all learning new things. Always be a life long learner.

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