Out & Proud

This great post from Sadie Nardini inspired me to make a similar declaration here on Perusals.

I am a yoga practitioner/teacher and I eat meat.

While I love a big green salad, the same salad is always made better with some grilled shrimp.  A spicy stirfry is made richer with chicken.  Creamy polenta with kale is divine with some chorizo or sausage.  And don’t even think of taking away my sushi.

I believe in eating what works for your body.  The practice of yoga connects mind, body and spirit and that a healthy connection will tell you, loudly and clearly, what it needs for feed and fuel.  For some, vegan diets work wonders.  For others, vegetarianism gives them everything their body and mind needs.  And for others still, an omnivorous diet provides happiness and peace.

So go ahead yogis.  Eat meat.  I’m not suggesting we gorge ourselves on hormone pumped hamburgers from McDonalds, but I do think that eating mindfully (oo! there’s that yogic concept!) and mindfully including local, sustainable, organic meat where it’s appropriate is a-ok and won’t make anyone any less yogic.  And let’s stop judging each other on what we decide to fuel our bodies with.  It’s a foolish and divisive – and a waste of the good energy we could be bringing to the world.

(And because I can’t resist the plug, if you haven’t already read Omnivore’s Dilemma or, in my opinion, the better book, In Defense of Food, you owe it to your self to check ’em out.)

Eat happy. Eat healthy. Eat mindfully.


2 responses to “Out & Proud

  1. Taken and adapted from America’s Next Top Model episode last night:

    “Your body is a temple, and sometimes my temple wants meat!”

    ps: temple originally wanted cheesecake.

  2. affairwithcheese

    Meat is not necessarily a bad thing! I agree that its okay to be out and proud! Especially when it comes to red meat. To some of my friends, saying I eat red meat is akin to saying I’m a smoker! They shun me and have a horrified look on their faces!

    Thanks for posting!


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