Dreams of a Yogi-Librarian

daydream5This article from Slate’s affiliate Double X on making a living as a yoga teacher got me thinking (and daydreaming) about teaching yoga full time, owning my own studio, and musing on my current career as a librarian.

In my latest daydream, I (and perhaps a friend) own a chic yoga studio where we and our band of fabulous yoga teachers lead students through classes that combine a great work out with empowering and inspiring teaching, and also provide space to breathe and relax.

Then I wake up.

Luckily, I have a solid career as a librarian that allows me to find my creative and teaching outlet as a part-time yoga instructor.

It seems that yoga teachers are suffering the same market-glut as librarians.  Suddenly, there are more of us than there are jobs, though at the present moment in the economy, that’s the case with every job.

As librarians, many of us in our 20’s and 30’s have been told that it’s a great time to be a librarian since all the good jobs will be opening up as people retire.  The “graying” of our chosen profession will lead us young ‘uns to a holy land of employment with benefits and meaningful and valuable work.

And then I wake up.

Again, being one of the lucky ones I don’t have to worry so much about my job, rent and meeting student loan payments (damn you Sallie Mae!)  I feel fortunate to have a job, even though it’s not really what I want to be doing with in my profession.  That’s how and why I found yoga — another lucky happenstance.  I needed an outlet for activity, creativity and teaching.  If there’s one thing I lack in my current job, it’s an outlet for connecting with students. What I have now works for me, but I wonder about others out there.  Others who are following their daydreams to reality.  If the Double X article is any representation, it’s a long hard road.


2 responses to “Dreams of a Yogi-Librarian

  1. I can so relate. My most recent dream is to become a high paid wellness librarian– helping people with wellness resources *and* teaching yoga in libraries.

  2. LOVE that, Maria! I’d love to work as a reference librarian or information professional in a science library or wellness center, connecting people to information on health and nutrition.

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