Playlists for Yoga Practices

om lotusCalling fellow yogis, yoga teachers and yoga practitioners!

I’ve been playing music before and after my yoga classes and I’m finding that it does wonderful things for getting everyone on a similar energetic page before starting/closing the class.

However, I’ve been playing the same music now for a few months and I’m starting to get tired of it.

If you like music before, during or after class, what kind do you like?

Any and all suggestions are welcome, from Krishna Das to Beyonce.


4 responses to “Playlists for Yoga Practices

  1. I really enjoy Sigur Rós for my daily yoga. It’s very calming yet energetic at the same time.

    In classes I’ve been in I’ve done yoga with music ranging from tibetan throat singing to krishna das. I find the music I enjoy the most is non-vocal instrumental tracks or where the vocals are really just a layering of melody rather than words to really listen to.

  2. I play a lot of reggae, Michael Franti, Ziggy, etc. And I enjoy world music, like Amadou & Mariam. Some of the Shiva Rea cd collections are nice, too.

    I recently had an experience where half the class busted up in laughs over the lyrics to MC Yogi’s “Rock On Hanuman.” Perhaps an indication that some music is too distracting…. but it was fine with the energy of the practice.

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