What I Read – September 2009

September was a good reading mojo month.  With a few hiccups (I’m looking at you, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) I found a lot of great reads this month.  Links take you to my reviews on Goodreads.com and *’s mark the books I found truly outstanding.

*Song of the Sparrow, Lisa Ann Sandell

The Edge of Impropriety, Pam Rosenthal

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, Barbara Kingsolver
(Note: this book made me so angry, that I was trying to come up with a symbol to denote books that I wanted to hurl against a wall, run over with a car, and then stomp to an inky pulp.  Hopefully this is the only book that will ever make me THAT mad.)

Cooking Up a Storm, Emma Holly

**I Shall Not Want, Julia Spencer-Fleming

Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human, Richard Wrangham

A Little Bit Wicked, Kristen Chenoweth

Prairie Tale: A Memoir, Melissa Gilbert

What did you read last month?


5 responses to “What I Read – September 2009

  1. A.V.M. made me so mad I quit reading it! It was totally sanctimonious! I have enjoyed all of her fiction, but am not sure I’ll pick up anything else she writes.

    • It’s amazing how many other people disliked this book. When I was trying to read it, I kept hearing how awesome it was, how insightful, how moving. It was isolating to feel like I was the only one who really disliked it.

      It’s very validating to know I’m not the only person who found it hard to swallow. And not the only person who will be thinking twice before buying anymore Kingsolver in the future.

  2. I finished reading The Shack last month. I loved it. Have you read it?

    • No, I haven’t. What’s it about?

      I started re-reading a new book that made me think of you. Marianne Williamson’s A Return To Love. Very powerful.

  3. The Shack is about a man who loses his daughter and finds himself in the process. It’s really good.

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