On Hold

funny-pictures-your-cat-is-on-holdHi there Perusers and Perigrinators!

Heads up on some new developments over here at Perusals. The trusty old Dell laptop has finally gone to the great computer store in the sky.  Purchased in the winter of 2005, this 548lb behemoth served me well through many moves, jobs, graduate school and trips on the commuter rail.

To replace the old laptop, I’ll be getting a new netbook in the next week or two.  I’m really excited about the prospect of a new, smaller, lighter machine.  One with a built in webcam, wireless internet that doesn’t require a weird card with an antenna, and more than 1 USB port.

That being said, things are going to be a little quiet around here for the next few days.  I’m heading up north for the long weekend and any computer purchasing won’t be done until the following weekend or week after.

When I do return, Perusals will see some fun new upgrades/changes and a new weekly feature!

Once a week, I’ll be posting the yoga flow(s) I create for my class(es). Yay! I find other blogs where people post flows very inspiring and would love to get some feedback and participation in my own lesson planning.

Also coming up: a post on pickles!  Yeah, I know.  It’s totally random, but that’s what you get with a blog named Perusals & Peregrinations! ::wink::

Have a great long weekend and I’ll see you soon from a brand new netbook!



4 responses to “On Hold

  1. That sounds great! New toys, hurrah!

  2. Looking forward to your yoga sequences. I’m always in need of inspiration!

  3. Waw you are getting the Dell Netbook? For REAL? Such a change from the dinosaure!!! I love those they are so small and colorful, just like a candy!

    For the yoga flow, are you gonna post a video or just a description…? I have been trying to remember the prana flow to show my mom but it is tough to remember….

    • Don’t know if it’ll be another Dell, but am definitely getting a netbook. So excited for something smaller, lighter and more manageable!

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