Meet Petunia

Please meet the latest addition to the Thompson family, Petunia!  After the old laptop started giving me too much trouble to keep dealing with (dying fans and overheating processors,) I made the leap for a new netbook.

Though (amazing, awesome, incredible site!) I found Petunia, an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA.  She’s sleek, screaming fast, perfectly sized and has all the features I wanted and more.

Here’s Duckie, modeling with Petunia to give you a sense of scale:Petunia and Duckie

The only downside to a new computer is having to set up iTunes all over again.  And somehow, somewhere I have duplicate copies of all my music because when it imported, almost everything was doubled.  Ugh.

After four days of ownership, I am thrilled with my new computer.  It does everything I need it to do: wordprocessing, email, blogging, basic photo editing, iTunes, and watching TV on Hulu and other sites, without any hiccups, coughs or glitches.  The keyboard fits my hands well and I’m charmed by the touchpad mouse. Rather than a set in plate, this one is an area of raised bumps, almost like braille.  It feels so cool!

I am one very happy netbook owner (and who wouldn’t be for the price!)  If you were thinking of getting one to replace or supplement an older machine, I would highly recommend it.

smooth, sleek and oh so cute

smooth, sleek and oh so cute


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