Vinyasa Flow 10/20/09

Welcome to the latest feature of Perusals — a weekly (or more frequent) posting of the sequence in my latest yoga class.

What I hope you’ll get out of this is a chance to see what I’m doing and maybe find some inspiration for your own home practice or teaching.  What I hope to get back is feedback from teachers and pracitioners.

So please comment to your heart’s desire.  The more conversation, the more inspiration!

Vinyasa Flow (60 minutes)
Tuesday 10/20/2009
15 people

rag doll
downward facing dog
“broken vinyasa” x2
(broke down high to low push up, up dog and down dog focusing on
alignment in upper body. core/low body next week)
3 Sun As – holding down dog for 5 breaths
3 Sun Bs *working utkatasana* and holding each warrior I for 5 breaths
vinyasa to high push up and hold
three-legged dog w/hip opener
crescent lunge
crescent lunge w/twist
warrior II
side angle
ardha chandrasana
prasaritta A
vinyasa to high push up and repeat from vastistasana though gratitude on opposite side
dolphin plank for 10
2 locusts
2 bows
low back release by “windshield wiper-ing” the legs
1 bridge for 5 count
10-count bridge or wheel
supta baddha konasana, 5 breaths into lowest belly
knees to chest
happy baby
rock & roll & jump back to downward facing dog
half pigeon
inversion (yogi’s choice)
spinal twist

This Tuesday Vinyasa Flow class, which I teach at Harvard Business School’s campus gym, is a great class!  My students are really dedicated people, though their type A-ness can sometimes hinder breath work and the concept of “ease”.  But we’re working on it ::wink::.

I’d love to add in more breath work and balance poses into the flow without sacrificing a strong standing sequence, which brings in the men (Sadie Nardini nailed that on the head!), and half-pigeon which is always a class favorite.

Any suggestions on breathwork and working in more balance poses?


One response to “Vinyasa Flow 10/20/09

  1. Great sequence – and you seem to get a good number of balancing poses in there. I often move to warrior III from warrior I. Natarajasana (dancer) is a popular with my students, too. Or were you thinking of arm balances?

    I don’t incorporate many forms of pranayama. Usually just ujjayi and perhaps some nadi shodhana at the beginning or end of class.

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