Fun with Utkatasana


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Vinyasa Flow (60 minutes)
Tuesday 10/27/2009
15 people

downward facing dog
down dog to high plank x3
runners lunge w/knee dropped, open hips
repeat lunge on left
rag doll
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs focusing on utkatasana and using breath to support intense poses
humble warrior on 3rd Sun B
warrior II
side angle
extended side angle
prasritta B on right/10-count horse on left
pivot to front into warrior II/airplane
utkatasana one-legged balance & twist
::repeat from 3rd Sun B through utkatasana balance on left::
vastistasana on right, then left
vinyasa to high plank and lower to mat on 5
2 locust variations
1 bow
1 15 count bridge with block in between thighs to work adductors (also worked in utkatasana)
1 10-count bridge or wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
jump through to down dog
half pigeon right and left

Today was all about working utkatasana, setting it up, modifying and breathing though it.  The literal Sanskrit translation is”intense pose”, so I talked about the importance of breath in get through challenging moments.  Yoga class is one of the only places we have to practice staying calm in intense situations.  (Bryan Kest talked a lot about this in his master class at Prana last Wednesday and I tried to bring some of it to my MBAs.)

The utkatasana balance with twist (optional) was interesting.  It was a great challenge for the more advanced students, but earned me some Yoga Death Glares from some of the newer students.  Hey, all they had to do was stick to the balance and not go for the twist.  It was an option! 🙂

I’d love to shake up the Sun Salutations a little.  Any suggestions on mixing it up for some Sun As and Sun Bs?

Also, teachers — how to you teach the high to low push-up transition?  Students — what cues worked best for you in getting you into the correct form for the chaturangas?


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