Meatless Monday Brouhaha

I’ve been a big fan of Meatless Mondays since I first heard the term about a year ago.  Eating less meat is healthy in so many ways: environmentally, nutritionally, economically … I could go on and on.  Heck, “Meatless Monday” has even been a top trending Twitter topic on occasion.

So it was with a disbelieving sense of “WTF?!?” that I read this article in The Atlantic about a Baltimore school district having their own Meatless Monday in their cafeterias.  The meat industry has gone ape-shit.  The American Meat Institute and Animal Agricultural Alliance have started their own media campaign spewing misinformation and ignorance of basic nutrition.

The blog post from Ralph Loglisci at Center for a Livable Future (linked to from The Atlantic article) displays a great grasp of what the USDA actually recommend for daily nutrition, as well as a lay-persons explanation of the biochemistry of protein proving once and for all that Westerners (including American children) do not need animal protein as a daily part of their diet to be healthy.

It really chaps my arse when these meat industry yahoos who have owned Washington for far too long get out their bullhorns and spew more of their lies.  It’s time for some truth: truth about how the livestock on massive CAFOs are treated, killed and then turned into the meats we consume.  (The recent documentary Food, Inc. does a great job presenting the animal and human abuses in the agricultural-industrial complex.)

I’m not suggesting that we should all give up animal protein altogether, but I think Baltimore has made a bold move into educating youth on good nutrition and what makes a meal healthy not just for the individual but for the planet.

Rock on, Baltimore!  I hope more school systems follow your lead.


One response to “Meatless Monday Brouhaha

  1. I agree…Hats off to Baltimore!!!!!

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