Lotuspad Lovin’ – A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time … a young woman purchased her first yoga mat from the local grocery store.  She loved her mat: its cheerful green color, the stickiness, the weight … it was perfect.  So was the price at about $12.

old mat with orange Yogitoes

old yoga mat with orange Yogitoes

This mat went everywhere with the young woman, from her first yoga classes in Brooklyn, NY to Simmons College in Boston, from yoga classes at the campus gym to discovering a wonderful studio in her neighborhood.

The mat saw her through periods of a lot of yoga, and years where there was no yoga at all.  It even saw her through eight very intense weeks of yoga teacher training and was there to catch her tears an celebrate her joys.

But the poor mat was getting old and starting to show all the wear and tear.  The corners were crumbling, leaving little pieces behind like Hansel & Gretel’s breadcrumbs. (Maybe so the young yogi always finds her way back to her practice?)  The near constant use of the past few years had left the mat thin, worn and a little smelly.  The yogi knew that soon it would be time to retire the mat and find something new.

She looked long and hard at new mats.  Her new mat needed to be lightweight, cushiony, washable, environmentally friendly, sticky and reasonably priced.  Some mats were too thin, others too heavy, some weren’t sticky enough, and others were saturated with chemicals, latex and PVC,and other mats were just unreasonably expensive.   She felt like Goldilocks, nothing was just right.

After nearly giving up hope, the young yogi discovered Lotuspad.  Based in Somerville, MA this wonderful creator of yoga mats had been right under her nose the entire time!  And they were having a Sample Sale!!


new mat

Now the yogi is practicing on her new lavender Lotuspad mat which is lightweight, cushy, eco-friendly, sticky, washable and came at a very reasonable price.

Lotuspad 2

the awesomness of Lotuspad

The yogi and her new mat lived — and practiced — happily ever after.

The End.


I {heart chakra} my yoga mat


Check out Lotuspad’s website and store here.
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