What I Read – October 2009

20040926autumn_leaf-770478October was a more introspective month with a lot of yoga-related reading, though the best yoga book I’ve ever read I just finished, so you’ll have to wait until November to see it here on Perusals.  Unless of course you are on Goodreads — then you can see it now.  ::wink::

A few reminders:
*’s mark books that were really wonderful
All links take you to my reviews on Goodreads

Without further ado …

Falls the Shadow, Sharon Kay Penman (Welsh Trilogy, book 2)

*Worry, Edward M. Hallowell

Julie & Julia, Julie Powell

*The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

The Perilous Gard, Elizabeth Marie Pope

The Hindus: An Alternative History, Wendy Doniger
(Didn’t finish this one.  It had to go back to the library before I could even get past the introduction.  Dense but good.)

*A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson
(This was a re-read from yoga school.  I wasn’t ready for this book back in October 2008 and I am so glad I revisited it.  Both reviews, from 08 and 09, are included.)


2 responses to “What I Read – October 2009

  1. How was WORRY? Your Mom actually gave me a copy to borrow the other day but I haven’t started reading it yet.

    • I LOVED *Worry*. The author, a long-time therapist and counselor, does a great job of identifying the different types of toxic worry. What set this book apart from all the rest of the “self help” ones out there was that he gives concrete, actionable suggestions for starting to manage worry and take back control of your life. It’s changed the way I operate on so many levels.

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