Mixing It Up: Vinyasa Flow 11/3/09


crescent lunge

Mixing up alright! I’m mixing up the posting dates as well!  Sorry for the delay on posting Tuesday’s class.  Let’s jump right in!

Vinyasa Flow (60 minutes)
Tuesday 11/3/09
15 peeps

toes pose for 10 breaths (cruel, but my fav way to start class)
child’s pose
downward facing dog
“broken vinyasa”
slowed down the high to low push up transition to work on alignment
3 Sun As
3 Sun Bs (crescent lunge instead of WI)
on last B, high twist and open to WII
side angle
extended side angle
prasritta B/A
pivot to front for eagle
bound airplane
utkatasana twist
utkatasana and vinyasa back through to repeat from crescent lunge with high
twist though utkatasana twist on left with padahastasana/rag doll
vinyasa to high plank and hold
lower to mat on 5-count
2 locust with block between ankles (hello inner thighs!)
1 bow
downward facing dog and jump through for backbends
1 15-count bridge with block between thighs (hello glutes and adductors!)
1 10-count bridge or wheel
supta baddha konasana
happy baby
jump back through to downward facing dog
half pigeon on right then left
spinal twist

I put in crescent lunge instead of Warrior I because I’ve noticed that the alignment of crescent lunge tends to be better than WI for hip opening and for lengthening and strengthening the legs.  A certain amount of openness in the hips, ankles and calves are needed for a good WI and crescent lunge offers a better base to reach that openness rather than just landing right in WI.

What do you think?  Do you prefer WI over crescent lunge?  When you teach Warrior I, what cues do you use to get your students into alignment?


One response to “Mixing It Up: Vinyasa Flow 11/3/09

  1. 1) Where are your classes held? 2) Can I attend sometime?

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