Gentle Vinyasa, 11/11/09

TattvaYoga_18779I sub-taught a savsani yoga class today.  Wondering what savsani yoga is?  Yeah, me too.  I Googled it, but still don’t really understand what it is.

Anyways, I taught a gentle vinyasa at noon today.  The students were really receptive to it — great breath work!

Gentle Vinyasa
(sub for Savsani Yoga)
50 minutes
10 peeps
music: Boom Boom, Will Dailey and Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf

child’s pose
downward facing dog
down dog to high plank x3
3 Sun As (holding in high push up and then flowing back to down dog)
3 Sun Bs
B1: low lunge with hip opener
B2: crescent lunge
B3: warrior I opening to warrior II
reverse warrior II
prasritta A/B
pivot to front for airplane
repeat on left from third B through tree
table top
ab work with holding opposite arm and opposite leg out from all-fours (is this a pose?)
half-bow if they want
2 locust
modified pigeon
wide-legged baddha konasana (this is really popular!)

Fifty minutes is SHORT!  I kept the class slow moving and pretty gentle.  It was definitely still a vinyasa class (constant motion) but we worked on soothing, even breathing and grounding down through the feet.


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