daily gratutide: four seasons

four-seasons-thumb3946952I am grateful to live in an area that has four seasons.

Each season (and, if you live in New England, each day!) brings distinct joys and pleasures.  This time of year there’s always some type of soup bubbling on the stove, hot chocolate with mini-marshmellows steaming on the counter, and sweet treats and baked goods to be consumed.  It’s also a beautiful time for reflection and rest.  The earth itself goes into savasana with the first snow.  But then comes spring!

While I love traveling, I don’t think I could ever live in a place that doesn’t have four seasons.  It would be so boring!  Part of the joy of living in New England is checking the weather when you wake up  … and then (and I’m grateful for this, too) picking out a cute and weather-appropriate outfit!  How dull to wear “summer clothes” all year round.  I love a fluffy, flirty sundress as much as the next woman, but there’s a lot to be said for fleece socks, flannel pants and an oversized sweater.

So even when it’s pouring rain, or just doing that annoying, cold drizzle, or 90 degrees with 100% humidity and an imminent thunderstorm, I am grateful I live in an area with such variety and meteorological interest!


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