daily gratitude – work

Even on the most challenging days (and today is definitely one of those) I am grateful that I have a job.  No one needs to quote current unemployment statistics to know that those of us who are gainfully and securely employed are very, very lucky.

So even on the days when the running around seems endless, when nothing I do is right, when lunch is still so far away and 5 o’clock is even further, at least I am getting a paycheck that allows me to pay my bills, student loans (that I obtained to get this job), food and rent.  And usually there’s a little left over for something fun.

So for that, I am grateful.  Even on the awful days.

“Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.” – Anne Shirley


3 responses to “daily gratitude – work

  1. Some days are just like that! But it’s the right thing to have a positive spin on it…there is always something to be grateful for and a paycheck from a career you love is certainly one of them!!

  2. Anne! You just made my day!

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